Experience Journalism in a Foreign Culture

Learn about all aspects of the modern day journalism field. This includes TV/Video, Writing, and Radio. With The CRT program, step outside of your comfort zone to learn more about yourself and your path in life while learning needed skills in your specific journalistic field.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Learning a second language is something everyone should do. It will help us stay globally competitive and it will actually make us more intelligent. In the United States, it makes the most sense to choose Spanish to learn as it is the second most popular language in the country and the language of our neighbors to the south.

Volunteer in the Community

Become involved with Costa Rica Community outreach programs. Experience the Playa Hermosa Turtle Farm, Saving the Rain Forest, Working with Animal Shelters, and Tutoring Local Children.




The Art of Preparing Newspaper Articles


article writing internship

The Costa Rican Times Internship program will delve into the art of writing articles in order to generate the maximum number of readers possible.  We will address how to spin articles to pass Copyscape, how to select and use SEO terms, and how to drive traffic to their writing.

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Introduction to Online Radio & Podcasts


online radio

The Costa Rican Times Internship program will allow the interns to personally work with The Overseas Radio Network to get an introduction to live radio broadcasting, online streaming, and Podcasts. Also interns will learn to link radio live streams to social media to increase listeners.

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Producing and Editing Videos


editing online video

The Costa Rican Times Internship program will give the interns an introduction into producing and editing their own videos. Interns will learn different techniques to drive viewers to their videos and the art of posting the completed videos onto their own Youtube Channel.

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